homepage-images2sometimes the soul yearns for something more…

Antoinette Martignoni, Inner Portrait Artist
“An Inner Portrait is to surrender to the beauty…within you.”

One by one they came, out of curiosity at first, people from all walks of life, family first, friends, then friends of friends. What had over 760 people been seeking, spawning over 800 pieces of art called Inner Portraits? What could have moved them since 1992 to come into an art studio with no preliminary preparation of any kind and walk out, 2 1/2 hours later, inspired to own and live a part of themselves, hitherto hidden, in a life-changing way?

Simply… TO BE SEEN.

For some, a confirmation of how they dreamed to be seen. For some, to know themselves in the magnificence of their individuality. For some, to have the courage to believe that a higher power could be personally present in any and every moment of their lives.

To assure you that this is no exaggeration, we have compiled stories of people’s lives, each altered, together with INNER PORTRAITS born of the artist who in a midlife crisis, was reminded of the power of art in the words of her teenage daughter: “But Mother, what about beauty?”

YOU ARE SEEN. Knowing we are seen is to see with new eyes our neighbors as ourselves.

close your eyes for a moment…

“We sit quietly for a few minutes, in person or on the phone. In that silence, I see a story about you that takes an hour to draw in full color. Then we look at the images– images of your real nature, of your true inner beauty— and explore their meanings.”

intuition involves the mind, but it is the heart that fleshes out the story…

and gives hope and inspiration… We hope you’ll read the Portrait Stories on this web site where you will have the rare opportunity to learn about the meaning people have found in their portraits. Over the years and through several inner portraits, people have learned more about their own inner beauty and the beauty in their loved ones.