RE is a poem which on first reading I simply enjoyed.
Then, I glanced up at the title, having already read the poem,
and wondered if not knowing the title had made any
difference in that enjoyment:

“I can feel my ship about to come in.
A white ship in a snowstorm
moving in.

The ship is made of gulls
huddled together
in the shape of a ship.

When it arrives, they will fly out into the storm,
leaving a space inside it
clear as reason.

I can tell there’s going to be a blizzard
of being somewhere else
any minute

because of time’s noise eating itself up
that is the noise of listening
that looks like a seething, florid whiteout of wings.”

( the title was: WRITING OR NOT WRITING )

…………..JACK MYERS, from Billy Collin’s Anthology
of Contemporary Poetry called “180 more EXTRAORDINARY

It might be different for you.

with love …


Music bands love that roadie feel of freedom, Rte. 66, spanning all
the generations since the 40’s.

So, when I clipped a notice of a new band out of the Fairfield Citizen
more than a week ago, I set it aside to possibly pursue because I
know one of them, Suzanne Sheridan, of Westport.

The same year Suzanne partnered the song, “90 Pound Suburban
Housewife Driving in Her SUV”, she had made some superb shots
of me, photographs that startled me they were so beautiful.

This morning I got up, saw the clipping and realized it was last
night, Feb. 20th. that the new quartette band, “EXIT 43“, performed
at our local incredibly magic place, the Fairfield Theatre Company
on Sanford St.

In a few months I look forward to hearing them in person, to being
out in an evening and joining others in the mission of EXIT 43,
which they were quoted as : “We are aware that we are now living in
hard times that touch almost everyone in some way. If our music
can promote hope and inspire faith in the possibilities of a better
tomorrow, then we believe we are doing our part to make the world
a better place.”

I’m putting that article up on my refrigerator to keep me company
as I move forward to making my own life easier by having hip
replacement surgery. It’s in the planning stage as of this past
week, and I will share the journey with you, the highlights mainly.

Back to EXIT 43:
I want to add the the other three members of this band are well-
known around here, Scarlett Lee Moore, Andy Gundell, and
Ed Thompson. You may even know them already!

Do I sound casual about my decision to have surgery? You know
I do not do casual. You know that when you do not hear from me
on a somewhat regular fashion, something’s brewing. So I share
in this way because I truly believe in the part beauty plays in our
lives and in our health. Through beauty we stay connected.

with love …


I have been away on the high seas, seeking warm sunny days, and now I’m home.

Every time I find myself on the deck of a ship, ploughing through ocean waters,
I experience that deep sea change., full of awe to be witness to the world.

Well, I did come home to snow on one of the chilliest days of the year to date.
This morning I sought a poem that would express in few words how home-coming
felt to me.


In winter
through the damp grass
around the house
there are horses moving
on the snow

in the half-light
they move quickly

following the fence
until the mist takes them

and evening
is the hollow sound of hooves
in the south field.”

…….DAVID WHYTE, from his book, River Flow,
New & Selected Poems, 1984-2007

During that time aboard the Norwegian Cruise Liner Gem, I was away from
my usual distractions and automatic schedules. I was in a population quite
foreign to my usual interests and preoccupations.

I was also with three generations of my daughter Sandy’s family. Great support.

I enjoyed having meals fully prepared. I enjoyed the roll of the moving ship,
pretending I was cradled in the deep, as I often had done as a child.
I found the experience of entertainment shows each night to be delightful.
I could take my walker to the deck level of the highest seating of the theatre
auditorium, and sit there in my walker seat, and enjoy the show.

One afternoon, just a day or so before we were due back in New York,
I showed upbat the auditorium for an “Improv” workshop by actors from
the Second City group.
My daughter Sandy helped me down all the rows to the first row so I could be
part of the workshop. It was an eye-opener for me, and because I could not
manage the walk up to the stage, I was invited to witness the most
extraordinary play from that first row. Within a half-hour, 30 strangers had
become interactive with each other, breaking down the usual cultural barriers
to welcome new and curious notions of how to listen and speak.

They had thrown away their scripts!

That miracle stayed with me and opened my eyes to how limited my life has
become because of my arthritic left hip. I have tried everything short of surgery
for four years, out of my reluctance to endure the post-op experience I’d had
after the right hip was surgically replaced five years ago.

I chose the poem above because the insight gained from that ocean trip was
like coming home, coming home to simply doing what needs to be done to
being part of an active life again.

Cripes ! It takes courage, doesn’t it? Maybe not. Maybe being conscious is
just that simple, seeing what’s so and letting go of old scripts.

……thanks for listening.

with love …