“Your strength will come

from standing in the center

of a place no one can see,

knowing what no one can verify,

and dancing to a tune

no one else can hear.”
………………………………….. from
Emmanuel’s Book III, “What Is an Angel Doing Here?”.
compiled by Pat Rodegast and Judith Stanton.

Reading that quote took me back to the past weekend
when some friends and I were in the city at the Metropolitan
Museum of Art. The rooms, each leading into another in
a marvelous maze, were filled with milling people.

Ostensibly, I was there to view the art.

My memory, tho’, is of the people. I can feel even now the
dance of coming near, separating, viewing, glancing touches
and sudden spaces. The art was alive through the eyes of
each one of us.

Place that memory alongside the quote above, and the
result is one of sharing rather than separation. Each one of
us left the museum, richer than when we’d arrived.

Can I not say, “There is a place where we meet and
encounter each other, with no idea that’s what’s going on.”
Powerful music.

with love …