The days follow, one upon the other, and I sat here to share a poet’s sadness with you.
The poet is Billy Collins, a long-time favorite of mine, who has suffered loss and now
writes from this despairing place of aloneness.

And as I began to speak with you, the little dong sounded on my screen, and I saw that tomorrow
is 9/11/10. So suddenly, the anniversary is here, and I had not anticipated it to be so soon.


Is there any of us who does not remember where we were that morning?

There will be much said on papers, radio and TV.
I do not add to what beautiful words can be said in memoriam. I only want to say
that loss can be an alone thing to experience.

So, darlings, let us honor that loss together today and tomorrow by being a bit more tender,
a bit more tolerant, a bit more noticing of each other.

always with love,

Mom/Mimi/Toni Antoinette

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