I am taking enormous liberty with the formal form of Haiku,
so let’s let that just be. In looking for a poem for this morning,
I came across two lines that kept calling to me:

“The cowbells follow one another
Into the distance of the afternoon.”

…..JAMES WRIGHT, from a poem, Lying in a Hammock
at Pine Island, Minnesota.

Just those words transport me to any warm summer’s day
in the Platte Clove valley of the Catskills. So many summers
there as a child, no real literal sense of time, just being.
There was a dairy farm down the County road, and sound
travels far in a valley, surrounded by low mountains.

I do now appreciate the distance of an afternoon.
Sitting here with you on a cold November dawn, I offer these
two lines to you, an invitation to let there be distances in
each day as the year closes, a sweetness in the air.

with love …

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