We dream, awake, and almost instantly, the thread of
that dreaming vanishes. I reach – it’s just beyond touch.
It’s still evening of January 12, and my Rumi Daybook
on page 12, has an apt musing:

“Though a thousand snares catch our feet,
when You are with us there is no difficulty.
Every night you free our spirits from the body’s snare,
and clear the tablets of the mind.
Every night spirits are set free from this cage.
no longer ruled by rules or long stories.

At night prisoners have no sense of imprisonment,
at night governors are unconscious of their power.
There is no sorrow, no thought of gain or loss,
no tales of this person or another.
Even without sleep this how the gnostic is.
As God said, ‘you would think they were awake,
while they slept’.

Have no doubt : there are those who are asleep,
day and night, to the affairs of this world,
yet moving like a pen in the hand of God.”

…….. as translated by Kabir and Camille Helminski

There seems to be another sense of interdimensional
experience in dreaming. I am freed from the limitation
of age and roam the halls without effort. Yet there is
present much confrontation, and mountains to scale,
as well.

I am grateful for the cleared tablets of the mind. What a
delightful concept: moving like a pen in the hand of God.
To be so moved is to know there is only the dance and
the freedom to feel, and so feeling, to be the dancing.

with love …

Photo by Dylan Strazar

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