I love silence. I come to a stop of doing, of planning,
and suddenly all is still. You know that place. Lately,
I have altered the tempo of my doing, and found that
it’s like all the parts of a chorale, it fits the melody with
the softness of a glove.

However, since December, ’11, I had an episode of
almost a month of a weakening virus that laid me low!
On January 3rd I was helped through this time by the
offer of a daily meditation from What I Know To Be True (WIKTBT).

It was free! Not a lot to do except sign up and it was
delivered each day to my inbox. WIKTBT is a book which will be out within a month
or two, and the authors, Lisa Jacoby & Caroline Temple,
had offered this meditation of 21 days as an introduction
to that book.

I did the whole 21 days, it fit in easily, whether early in
the morning or later after all the day’s activity. I had a
sense of the presence of others, as I listened, alone here.
Being ill, that was very reassuring. I was not lonely.

The 21 days were completed yesterday. During that time
I painted 5 Inner Portraits, was active in the community of
this place where I live, shopped, had dates, spent much
time on the computer, and read tons of books. However,
hovering in the background as I got well, was a feeling of
not being safe. Mid-way in this time, I asked my family to
conference with me on this feeling.

Also, there were days when I had to suddenly stop, cancel
all plans and just go inside. And, each day I tuned in to the
free meditation of WIKTBT. It had become an easy anchor
for me, 15 to 20 minutes each day. I gradually became aware
that a process was going on that I could no longer ignore.

The trumpets should ring out about here! Caroline’s soft
voice and measured, quiet sharing, the music almost im-
perceptible, had led me to a place inside where I knew it was
time to stop driving my car, to allow others to accompany
me out in the world, and to honor my soul’s need to relax,
let go into a new part of my life.

So, that’s it, dears. My granddaughter who had given me the
car a few years back, now has it again. I will never have to
shovel the snow off and move the car so the town can plow
the parking lot! I am quite free. WOW.

These “dailies” will now be a bit more daily. This coming
Saturday I will be at a Day Retreat with the author’s of WIKTBT.
I am so grateful for the part coming back to daily meditating
has had in my life.
Do check out WIKTBT, and see what that’s
all about.

Poetry again soon.

with love …

" I come to a stop of doing, of planning, and suddenly all is still."

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