The usual poetry books, like people I’ve grown to know, do not do the trick
this morning at 3:20 a.m. So, I open the e-mail, looking for a trigger of some
kind, and by gosh ! that’s where I found a beautiful line or two:

“The dish pan is in the bath tub and the sink draining rack on the side of the tub.
I never emptied the drawers — just stacked them on the beds
so I can find whatever I need.”
……………….Carol Currier, on the unstructured
and ever changing environment
of installing a new kitchen.

That’s a sure way of allowing the winds of change to alter one’s sense of order
and planning. So many steps for the simplest tasks. Can one be tempted to
maintain this adventure long enough to truly let go of outcomes?

For me, this early morning, just the idea of divine chaos as a generator is enchanting.

Thank you, dear friend Carol.
Thank you, dear daughter Lizzie.

And, Carol, that line: ‘Most importantly, wind and champagne glass are still handy.’
… I know you intended the word, ‘wine’, yet I love what showed up anyhow.

always with love,
Mom/ Toni
3:40:19 a.m.


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