The Sturdy Square That Was

I awoke a short time ago, before the dawn, and as I lay there
just thinking, not yet totally ready to leave the trail end of dreaming,
these words came to me:

……………………. The Sturdy Square That Was. …………………….

Without expectation of any kind, these words scrambled up a series of pictures, each more full of ‘juice‘ as ideas produced a world of countries,
surrounding this simple square country that had no pompous generals, no
imperial rulers, no show-offs of any kind.

I imagined that their greatest product was a fibre made up of all the natural
plants and ores, a green gold silvery tan cloth that was simple and sustainable,
soft yet strong. All the surrounding countrys had wavy borders, long lines of mountains and shores, and yet this one central country was happy with it’s straight and stable shape.

That’s pretty much what held me lying there for about an hour.

I will probably leave it there.

The dawn came, and with it my usual room, familiar walls, sounds from I-95 traffic. Yet, I am sharing this with you for the fun that the imagination can bring to our already-always-thinking.

Maybe one of you has already written this story!
If so, please share it with me. ❤

always with love,