MIDSUMMER, more or less…

Photo by Kirsten Hendrickson
Photo by Kirsten Hendrickson

The nights are clear, all heaviness gone from the air

it’s possible to sleep with open windows.  Bliss.
To awake around 3 am is a wandering wondering time,
So I  picked up a book that has been waiting for just such a time lately:
July with sun-filled leaves drifting among the butterflies
I have been coming to this morning light since the day I was born
I saw its childhood as I sat alone in silence by the high window
no one else saw it no one else would ever recognize it
it is the same child now who watches the clouds change
they appear from out of sight and change as the moment passes
    through them “
…………….W.S.Merwwin, from the book,The Moon Before Morning.
This seems a good time to have it show up, since it’s still July!
Let this be part of your birthday week, Lizzie, all week.
always love,




It’s now. Just a bit after 2:00 AM.  Awake.  I know I need poetry.  

I get up to find the poetry book – a soulful young woman had earmarked to a particular poem – as she sat awaiting her Inner Portrait to unfold.  Finding it. This moment….

It is not that you want
to be the one to make prints
in the untrampled snow
It is that you want
to be in the snow
without having touched it
to be of the snow….”
…there’s more to the poem – but I pause here…. 
These early moments are wonderful, and cannot be left untouched.