imageDo any of you remember the year we were sharing haiku’s?
We had fun making up the oddest we could imagine.
And then, some poets published pages of connected haiku’s
as poetry and we forgot all about short and simple.

I admit I exaggerate.

However when I received
a whole book of precepts, 365 of them, for Christmas, I find
I am hooked. Here’s one that was recommended for January
twenty-second, twenty-fifteen:

“The miracle
is not to fly in
the air, or
to walk on the
water, but
to walk on the

,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,CHINESE PROVERB.

More to come.

always with love,

Page After Page

imageI had no idea that poetry could be page after page
of a lyric sequence. Thought by thought, no page title, no connecting
direction except the intention of the poet to show the many
faces of an experience, like a history of a season of life.

When I opened such a book, I was caught by a page
where the poet has captured a whole story in a few lines.
Here is one whose section happened to be the title of the book:


He was hidden, then
She was lost,
And then recovered.

If there are games
The beloved plays,
What are the rules?

“Risk all. Feel all.
Hold nothing back.”

How do I win?

“How can you lose?”

…………..GREGORY ORR, from his book
of Three Lyric Sequences, River Inside the River.

Respectfully submitted in this season of universal love.

always love,


imageEach new poetic voice, scrawled across a blank page
to begin with, is almost impossible to put down.

I want to taste a bit of each thought, jump across
pages to find some sudden delight. An hour
goes by, unnoticed.

It will be dawn shortly, so in this magic dark,
I have made a choice for this day:

“page 63

You’re invited to visit
A particular poem —
To go often enough
To become familiar
With each of its rooms;
To nose around in the attic

Encouraged to arrive early
And greet dawn
Through various windows;
To linger long enough
To watch the shadows
Arrive toward evening.

Only a guest, yet
Welcome to stay forever.
To stay as long as you want;
As long as it gives you pleasure.”

,,,,,,,,GREGORY ORR, from his book
of poems, River Inside the River.

And so it goes.

Always with love, Mom/Mimi/Toni/Antoinette


imageTODAY is the dawn of the 96th year of my time here on this
incredible planet, so sturdy, so beautiful, so strangely always new !
I’ve filled my “dailies” with lines from poets’ hearts and minds,
some of them now really familiar to us all.

Occasionally, one of you sends me poems that are your favorites,
ones that resound again without effort because they contain
an essence that says ‘all is well’.

Here’s one of them:


As swimmers dare
to lie face to the sky
and water bears them,

as hawks rest upon air
and air sustains them,

so would I learn to attain
freefall, and float
into Creator Spirit’s deep embrace,
knowing no effort earns
that all-surrounding grace.”

…………Denise Levertov,
courtesy of my friend, Juliet Law Packer.

always with love,