Blue Moon Magic

imageTomorrow there is a ‘blue moon’, actually simply a happening
where any month has two full moons. Doesn’t happen every year,
but it’s with us tomorrow,…or tonight, I’ll have to check that out.

Something much simpler is to go to poetry to celebrate summer’s decisions:


God’s language
Lessons usually
Begin with “NO.”

As if prohibition
Gave Him pleasure.


Eve liked to say “YES,”
Which was all
Adam needed to know.

……GREGORY ORR, from his book,
River Inside the River, 2013

I hope I leave you smiling.

always with love,

Saturday Morning

imageHere’s how it goes:


Saturday morning and the trades

are back trading out of the east

offering their samples of clouod

each the only one of its kind

and each of them changing even

as it is offered only once

without a word except the one

sound of hushing to say that this

is all happening in secret

this unrepeatable present

only today for the lucky one.”

…………… W.S. MERWIN, from his book of poems, The Moon Before Morning. 2014
Now, oddly, just the page before the above
there is a poem ending that fits so curiously that
I’m including that as well:

“though we always forgot where they came from

and forgot that it was forbidden

and whether it had been forbidden

but from forgotten pain we recognize

sometimes the truth when it is told to us

and from forgotten happiness we know

that the day we wake to is our own.”

………….that’s from the poem titled, Beginners.

Welcome to Saturday morning….

always with love,


ATTENTION, dog-lovers, alwimageays where you are!

We do know that the smell of treats, and anticipation of such┬ácan be highly motivating, yet… there is a mystery that holds us eager to learn more:


We become religious,
then we turn from it,
then we are in need and maybe we turn back.
We turn to making money,
the we turn to the moral life,
then we think about money again.
We meet wonderful people, but lose them
in our busyness.
We’re, as the saying goes, all over the place.
Steadfastness, it seems,
is more about dogs than about us.
One of the reasons we love them so much.”

……………..MARY OLIVER, from her book, Dog Songs.

This is my ode to Ollie, friend dog, who is
enjoying a recovery that will supply him with
the ability to go on hearing his mistress’s voice.

always with love,