Afternoon Bower

imageWhile Antoinette is taking some time away from her ‘Dailies’  – she continues to wax poetic in all her conversations with me (Lizzie, her daughter).  I have a notion to keep track of the momentary inspirations she shares – and share them, via her blog   – until she returns to the keyboard.

Here’s one from two years back  – which somehow slipped through the cracks – unpublished.  Since this week  – she talked about how she spoke to the trees saying: “Please green, yes green again” – this post is perfect.

Just last week, the branches were bare.
I could see across the road to the next row of trees. Lots of sky
allowed the clouds their streaming promise of blossoms below.

And suddenly, it’s all here. Was it over-nght? Maybe. Anyhow,
those blossoms are here! Some reflection on that

” Not all poems seek
Permanence. Think of those
Lover’s couplets
That wove tall
Meadow grass
Into an afternoon’s bower.

Some forever;
Others, just one sweet hour.”

…………..GREGORY ORR, in his book, River Inside the River,
a part of three lengthy pieces exploring love.

always with love,