Portrait Stories

Sarah’s Inner Portrait Story


My relationship with my mom was challenging. As a child, to me she was a powerhouse. She was the president of the YWCA, she had gone to Europe at 18 as one of 50 delegates from the United States; she was in lectures with Nietzsche. She was an extraordinary woman… READ MORE

Sandra’s Inner Portrait Story

My quest “Finding the New” was in direct line with the opportunity to attend the AMTA Convention in Albuquerque, NM. I rented a car on the last day of my visit and headed north, into the mountains of Santa Fe…

Rob’s Inner Portrait Story

 See Rob fly: It took ten portraits to get his feet on the ground. Over the span of ten eventful years Rob had ten Inner Portraits done by Antoinette. Each portrait is different, each revealing potential and giving meaning to his journey. READ MORE