Another part of my library shelves contain books that
have been sources of encouragement for dark times.
We all have those. Of course.
So, this morning I found an old book that I’d forgotten
was there~ a book entitled, “What Is An Angel Doing Here?”.

Randomly opening the book, I found this:
“There are acts of Love in the Bible
that you hear metaphorically.
Hear them as fact.
Can human beings move mountains?
If they believe they can.
You created those mountains in the first place.

Can a sea be parted?  Of course.
Was it? Do you dare believe it?
Can a human being be nailed to a cross,
die, be brought down, buried,
and then rise again?’
Fear tells you, “We have to temper this,
adjust it to where it is intellectually acceptable’.

As you try to soften truth,
you bring yourselves farther
and farther away from Home
and the remembering of who You are
so that you walk in your narrow world
looking for proof that there really is a God.

(and the angel asks):

Is truth so particular
that there is only one gate to heaven?
There are no gates.
Heaven is inside you.
You are not even the gatekeeper.”

………..from Emmanuel’s Book III,
‘What Is an Angel Doing Here’, compiled
by Pat Rodegast & Judith Stanton.

Back in the day (1994) when this was first published,
I loved Roland Rodegast’s illustrations for those books.
Light-hearted, simple, fun to accompany such

I have been accompanied by myriads of gods and goddesses
in my stretch of life so far.  Each day more and more
are showing up.

Welcome, dear ones.

always with love,

Homage to Pat Rodegast & Emmanuel

Let’s jump right in.
I have so many wonderful memories of Pat and so
many sessions with Emmanuel over the years that
crowd in for a voice this morning as I think of her
passing to spirit yesterday, April 4th.

To begin with, a Q & A:

“Q: Where are you, Emmanuel when you are not
speaking through Pat?

A: I am everywhere Love is and so are You.

Q: I have been accustomed to thinking of the inner
mystery of myself as God or Divine. You use the word
‘Angel’. Is it the same?

A: Absolutely, as long as you allow God to be who
You are.
The concept of God has, traditionally, been given such
awesome, distant, historic vastness.
Angels are more manageable.

Q: What is the state we know as enlightenment?

A: Such a state involves the perception of two realities
at once.
When one moves to the awareness where all things
are seen as perfect and therefore as dancing light,
while one is still holding profound respect for the
human experience,
one becomes a bridge to both worlds.
That, I would say, is enlightenment in physical form.

When physical form is done with, then one can erase
“enlightenment” and simply pencil in “Homecoming.”

Q: Is it possible to live enlightened in the world?

A: Yes, but you will not then see the world as you do
now. Your senses will clear and you will see nothing
but Angels walking in the masquerade of their own

When I say you are Angels, that is exactly what I
mean. I am not using a metaphor. I am not just
choosing a pleasant word.
I am stating what I know to be true.
You are beings of Light.

Let me urge you again to be who You are.
You will then fulfill every dream you have ever had,
merely by that one simple commitment
to trust yourselves..
When your human hearts are in accord with
the Angel’s mission,
you experience bliss, absolute delight,
and joy, for no reason that will satisfy the mind.
You will find yourselves daring to reach beyond
the stars.”
……………………………….. an excerpt from
EMMANUELS’S BOOK 111, ‘What is an Angel Doing Here?’

In the next few days I will share other material from these
three Books.

Whenever I was present at the public Emmanuel events at
Wainwright House in Rye, NY, I so resisted Emmanuel’s
answers to” first love oneself”! Wonderful, specific
advice followed, but in my frustration with my life as it was,
I just wanted answers to be spelled out for me.

It turns out I had to live it out, …. still doing that.

Always with love,

"Love is all that exists." ~ Emmanuel