Again, I seem to be noticing simple delights more often than not. Such a wonderful story of my life – to be 98 and welcoming a sense of good luck and a lovely decrease in impatience!

Today’s haiku is a playful way of welcoming the sun after days of rain.

Love Always, Mom/Mimi/Toni/Antoinette


There is something about winter-time, neither about
the usual weather nor how it’s showing up, that permits
a simplicity of thought. Hence, “haiku”. A few years
back we shared some of our own versions of this poetry
that sparks.

So, this morning, let’s look at a classic 3-liner:

“Wrapping dumplings in
bamboo leaves, with one finger
she tidies her hair”


What picture comes up for you?
I am reminded of the many times I’ve noticed the grace
with which a person can accomplish a usual task and
at the same time be unconsciously taking care of one’s
own immediate preparation for the next moment.

Well, that’s one idea. Too surface?
How about ‘skill’? Love and repetition combine to be
its own dance.

Too much metaphor?

I simply love the way the words look! The shape of the
words balances each other even as the poetry suggests
this skill. It’s the weekend, I think I’ll let
this simmer a bit and see what else shows up.

with love …

Simplicity of Thought