There is a book called ‘Poetic Medicine” that carries
the words that heal because someone has taken the
time/trouble to find a place in the fog to say, “here’s
a way”.

As I take the time to find my way out of a recent
winter ailment, I have reached for softer ways to be
aware of what my body and soul are trying to share
with me. Two poets have suggested a way:

“Listening creates holy silence.
Listening is like the rain.”

….. Rachel Naomi Remen


The new grass stands
upon a podium of dirt,
promising Earth her spring.
Listen, and you will hear
everything promising something:
The planets their fidelity
to Sun, Moon her loyal tending
to the tides.
Listen, and on a still night
you will hear your own breath
make a shy but certain promise to Life,
listen well, and Life will
promise herself to you
like an eager bride.”

…… Noel Beitler

It is easy to stop and listen at about two-thirty
a.m. in the morning, hearing the creak of the
chair as I turn to the dark window to catch a
glimpse of wind in the branches of the trees in
the lighted parking lot. I am grateful for this
healing poetry.

I pass it on to you, just in case.

with love …