I love silence. I come to a stop of doing, of planning,
and suddenly all is still. You know that place. Lately,
I have altered the tempo of my doing, and found that
it’s like all the parts of a chorale, it fits the melody with
the softness of a glove.

However, since December, ’11, I had an episode of
almost a month of a weakening virus that laid me low!
On January 3rd I was helped through this time by the
offer of a daily meditation from What I Know To Be True (WIKTBT).

It was free! Not a lot to do except sign up and it was
delivered each day to my inbox. WIKTBT is a book which will be out within a month
or two, and the authors, Lisa Jacoby & Caroline Temple,
had offered this meditation of 21 days as an introduction
to that book.

I did the whole 21 days, it fit in easily, whether early in
the morning or later after all the day’s activity. I had a
sense of the presence of others, as I listened, alone here.
Being ill, that was very reassuring. I was not lonely.

The 21 days were completed yesterday. During that time
I painted 5 Inner Portraits, was active in the community of
this place where I live, shopped, had dates, spent much
time on the computer, and read tons of books. However,
hovering in the background as I got well, was a feeling of
not being safe. Mid-way in this time, I asked my family to
conference with me on this feeling.

Also, there were days when I had to suddenly stop, cancel
all plans and just go inside. And, each day I tuned in to the
free meditation of WIKTBT. It had become an easy anchor
for me, 15 to 20 minutes each day. I gradually became aware
that a process was going on that I could no longer ignore.

The trumpets should ring out about here! Caroline’s soft
voice and measured, quiet sharing, the music almost im-
perceptible, had led me to a place inside where I knew it was
time to stop driving my car, to allow others to accompany
me out in the world, and to honor my soul’s need to relax,
let go into a new part of my life.

So, that’s it, dears. My granddaughter who had given me the
car a few years back, now has it again. I will never have to
shovel the snow off and move the car so the town can plow
the parking lot! I am quite free. WOW.

These “dailies” will now be a bit more daily. This coming
Saturday I will be at a Day Retreat with the author’s of WIKTBT.
I am so grateful for the part coming back to daily meditating
has had in my life.
Do check out WIKTBT, and see what that’s
all about.

Poetry again soon.

with love …

" I come to a stop of doing, of planning, and suddenly all is still."


On a single page of poetry:

“it was a clean escape
into oceans of silver beads

it was a muddled day
like pictures
green through morning clouds,
and with steeples
and cypress trees
wrapped around your wrist

you walked with me

you walked with me”

from her book, Count Me the Stars

The ‘yearning’ could be for that which is
just beyond reach, taking us (me) briefly
into a world without walls, a present of
timeless blips of perception.

I particularly love the steeples and cypress
trees. These, like slender arms reaching
up… and up….

then letting out the breath and feeling glad.

I have recently completed the free 21-Day
Retreat of meditations by email, given by
Caroline Temple and Lisa Jacoby from their
upcoming book, “What I Know To Be True”.

I found that each day’s beginning was made
more available if I started my day with the
meditation of that day in the order in which
they were given.

Blips of experience, the set of meditations
is available on Facebook.

Be well.

with love …